More Gel-Skin products

Money Clips

Money clips with gelskin

Customize your money clip, comes in three different shapes. Click the image to find out more.

Ice Cream Scoop

Ice cream scoop with ben & jerry's gel-skin graphic

Customize your ice cream scoop. Everyone loves ice cream, a great way to promote your business.

Clips with Magnets

refrigerator clips with magnets gelskin

Customize your clip with magnet. Comes in two different shapes. Click the Image to find out more.

Barrel Mugs

Barrel Mugs

Mug and Insulator, customize your barrel mug!

Candy / Nut Jars


Candy jars, promote your business with ease when your logo has candy involoved!

Bottle Openers

Choose from a variety of bottle openers to customize and make it yours. Click on the image to find out more.